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Funky Forest 100% apple pressed juice


We harvest and process quality fruits using a technology that helps preserve the original and natural flavours of fresh fruits.
We do not use any added materials. Our products contain 100% fruit which is carefully pasteurised at 80 °C for preservation and filled into environmentally-friendly glass bottles. Thus, the freshness of the fruits can be preserved for up to 365 days.


Because we care about sustainability and strive to minimize our ecological footprint. We also treat the by-products with care: we utilize these, or sell them to other plants, or we give them as forage to the cute inhabitants of the Animal Farm of Szécsény.

Because we intentionally built our plant in a disadvantaged rural area, thereby contributing to the retention of the skilled local workforce.

Because we created our world of flavours purposely to allow local farmers to provide most of the raw materials.

Because the raw materials come from mainly local or traceable sources.

Because we, right from the beginning, wanted to create something unique, special and of excellent quality.

Because the epic experience of fruit always makes you function!