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Frequently asked questions about the ingredients:

Where are the ingredients from?

Most of our vegetables and fruits come from the area around Szécsény, or other domestic sources. As the mango and the ginger are exotic ingredients, they come from more distant countries. Our future goal is to achieve full ingredient traceability.

How do you achieve that you can keep as many vitamins as possible in the juices ?

We process our products with a gentle heat treatment. We then cool our products under controlled conditions, thus ensuring that as many valuable ingredients as possible are retained.

How long do the juices and smoothies last?

Our unopened, pasteurised and bottled juices can be stored for up to a year when stored at room temperature (5 -25 °C ). You can find the exact expiry date on the neck of the bottle.

Frequently asked questions about sustainability: 

How does environmental awareness appear in the production of Funky Forest drinks? How do you reduce your ecological footprint?

We develop our products with environmentally friendly technologies without adding harmful substances. Our products contain only vegetables and fruits. We fill our juices into eco-friendly bottles. The energy demand of our plant and the cold store is mostly provided by solar panels.

How do you pack the juices and smoothies?

We try to reuse packaging materials and shrink packaging as fillers. Similarly, we also reuse the boxes that enter the system, and we encourage our partners to do the same.

Where do the ingredients come from and what does traceability mean?

In accordance with our commitment to promoting environmental awareness, we procure the majority of the vegetables and fruits from domestic sources.

What happens to the fruit and vegetable leftovers?

In our Funky Forest plant, nothing is wasted. We give fruit and vegetable leftovers as forage to the inhabitants of the Animal Farm of Szécsény.

Frequently asked questions about our team:

Where are the Funky Forest drinks made?

Our production plant in Szécsény, Hungary is nearly 700 m2 and a 500 m2 of cold store capacity is also available, thus the supply of raw materials is ensured throughout the year.

What makes Funky Forest different from other brands?

Additive-free production process, low ecological footprint, traceability and the priority use of domestic raw materials belong to the principles on which the FUNKY FOREST plant of Házikó in Szécsény is based.

How do you decide what taste to create for the next product?

The hard core staff of Funky Forest constantly brainstorm new ideas and spend plenty of time thinking about the next flavour combo. While brainstorming, it is important for us to consider seasonal raw materials possibly from local sources. The availability of raw materials in the long run is another important factor to consider.

What marketing support does Funky Forest provide to their distributors?

To support sales, we can help our Distributor Partners with POS tools – product images, POS graphic files, and Horeca display (please contact us in person for the price).

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