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In 2018, after having gained decades of experience in catering,  we envisaged a family of innovative fruit juice products.

Our Factory

We established our production plant in Szécsény, Hungary, in 2020. Why in Szécsény?

When founding our company, there were two important aspects: 

  • the raw material should come from mainly local or traceable sources, and 
  • our plant should be built in a disadvantaged rural area, thereby contributing to the retention of the skilled local workforce. 

World of Flavours

We consciously created our world of flavours to allow local producers to provide most of the raw materials. 

Sustainability and the Gifts of Nature

Sustainability is a mission for us, we strive to minimize our impacts on climate. 

As we believe that the delicious fruits and vegetables we process are the gifts of Nature,  we treat the by-products with care:  we give them to the cute inhabitants of animal farms , or to spirit distilleries.

The Funky Forest Brand

From the very beginning, we wanted to create a new experience through producing new, unique and quality products. As a result of our efforts: Funky Forest brand was born. Grab the moment, immerse yourself in an epic Funky experience and live your life.


Our Products

We harvest and process quality fruits using a technology that helps preserve the original and natural flavours of fresh fruits.

We do not use any added materials. Our products contain 100% fruit which is carefully pasteurised at 80 °C for preservation and filled into environmentally-friendly glass bottles. Thus, the freshness of the fruits can be preserved for up to 365 days.


In the spring of 2021, our team was among the winners of HUNGARICOOL, which is a prominent, independent competition for Hungarian start-up food producers organized by SPAR retail group. Thanks to this achievement, we have been given the opportunity to introduce and sell our innovative fruit juice products in InterSPAR stores since April, 2021.



The Funky Team

Vezetéknév Keresztnév

Gábor Bertényi


Dániel Lozsádi

Founder and owner

Ábel Zsendovits


Judit László

Sales Director

Vezetéknév Keresztnév

Nándor Somogyi

Plant and Production Director

Botond Bognár

Executive Director

Vezetéknév Keresztnév

Szabolcs Rendes

 Executive Director

Vezetéknév Keresztnév

Krisztina Izsó

Office Manager

Vezetéknév Keresztnév

Évi Máder

Financial Assistant

Vezetéknév Keresztnév

Gabriella Baranyi

Sales Representative

Vezetéknév Keresztnév

Adrienn Polyák

Sales and Customer Service Assistant

Vezetéknév Keresztnév

Henrietta Füzesi

Office Administrator