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Funky Forest product range

It is about:

  • Excellent and delicious taste
  • Sustainability
  • No preservatives, no added sugar
  • Locally produced ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly packaging 
  • 100% authentic and pure fruits
  • Zero waste, green energy
  • A dedicated, professional team
  • 100% Enjoyment 
  • 100% Funkyness
Funky Forest Secret Edition

Our Brand Story – Let’s visit Funky Forest

Sometimes you just need a little extra impulse in your life. That's why we created the Funky Forest 100% pressed juice and smoothie product line. 
Just as the musical style combines several genres, Funky Forest also became really funky with unique combinations of fruits and vegetables, sourced and produced sustainably, respecting nature and our environment. 
On our products, you can meet the relaxed character of Forest, the hedgehog, look for our products with our renewed image and logo!

Funky Forest is made for those who can enjoy life but strive for awareness, sense the important things in life and nature, and have the ability not to take themselves too seriously.

Funky Forest 100% mango-pumpkin-apple smoothie

An Exotic Adventure

The tropical sweetness of mango, the rich saturation of pumpkin and the special power of ginger are at once exotic, silky soaking and fantastically filling, for breakfast, a during the day treat or after sports.

Funky Forest Strawberry-Cranberry-Apple 10% smoothie

Funky Forest 100% smoothie – strawberry-cranberry-apple

 Funky Forest’s truly gourmet, apple-strawberry-cranberry combination, a slightly sweet-sour mix of a special blend of strawberry and cranberry. We can often catch ourselves while consuming that it feels like we’re munching on fresh strawberries.

Funky Forest 100% pressed juice – apple-ginger
A spicy romance of ginger and apples

Not a usual apple juice….Apple-ginger combo, the almost-classic, is a completely new world of taste, combining the sweetness and vitamins of apples with the special power of ginger.

Funky Forest 100% ginger-apple pressed juice
Funky Forest 100% pressed juice of elderberry-apple and sour cherry

Funky Forest 100% pressed juice – elderberry-sour cherry-apple
An insanely good choice for the blistering heat

Our summer flavor, the first member of the Secret Edition series, was inspired by  the most delicious flavors of summer in the blistering heat: deep burgundy sour cherries, spicy elderberries, roaring apples! What else do you need? If you ask us, it’s sunshine and a big glass full of ice!
Inno D’Or 2022 product innovation award winner.

Funky Forest 100% pressed juice  – cucumber-spinach-pears and apples
Exploding green energy for your day

Green energy – sealed in a bottle! Carefully selected, vibrant ingredients from nature: the refreshing cucumber, the vitamin bomb spinach, the sweet pear, and the flavors of all the juices:  crumbly apple. This unique mix has become irresistible! If you love the refreshingly yet sweet flavors of vegetables – or you think green is the most beautiful color in the world – this green energy bomb will be your top choice.

Funky Forest 100% pressed juice - cucumber-spinach-apple-pears
Fantastic Funky Forest antioxidant boost with beetroot, carrot and apples

Funky Forest 100% – beetroot-carrots-apple
An antioxidant boost for your day

Believe us, or not, but we managed to create an incredibly good taste beetroot-carrot-apple juice. Additionally, this mixture is full of antioxidants and help you boost your energy during the day.  

Funky Forest 100% mango-chili-apple
An exciting sip with the power of chili

The second member of the Secret Edition series, with a unique experience and extra ingredients:
Exotic mango, locally sourced apples and spicy chili from Chili Yard partner. The result is a percussive, exciting end result!  We believe that sometimes a little extra spice in life is enough, but only balanced with a relevant amount of sweetness – and according to our taste tests, we have managed to find this middle ground.

Funky Forest 100% pressed juice - mango-chilli-apple
Funky Forest mango-redcurrant-apple 100% smoothie

Funky Forest 100% smoothie – red currants-mango-apples
A soul-warming meeting of sweet and sour

Our latest member of the Secret Edition family, is starring mango and redcurrant in addition to the already classic Funky apple. No matter how cunning a plan you break your head, you can gain energy and inspiration from this smoothie…
Whether your goal is to peak your physical or mental performance, this extra combination can help you.

Funky Forest 100% – sour cherry-apple
An endearing sour cherry delight

Juicy apples and tasty sour cherries created a special drink from delicious and rich ingredients into which we mixed pinches of generosity and a high dose of cheerfulness. It is so good that a bigger dose is required, so you can find it in a 0,75 l glass bottle.

Funky Forest 100% sour cherry-apple